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Experienced professional specialists are here for providing quality heath care. Our doctors are committed to pursuing excellence in patient care and treatment. India's top doctors are here to serve you. Surgerian and therapists are here for kidney transplants.

Easy assessments of medicine with vast pharmaceutical. Well furnished AC fitted cabin and facilitating all comfort at affordable cost.

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The Cardiology Department is manned by senior Cardiologists trained in India and abroad. Coronary stenting is routine and performed by most of the invasive cardiologists. Patients with high risk and multi vessel involvement are also undertaken. Primary angioplasty, an approach of opening blocked coronary artery during acute myocardial infarction, in place of thrombolysis is practised in suitable cases. Non-coronary intervention deals with variety of cardiovascular abnormalities. Subclavean, iliac, femoral and carotid artery balloon angioplasty and stenting are being performed. Vascular dissection and aneurysm repair are also conducted with covered stents.
The Department of Non-Invasive Cardiology is one of the busiest departments of the hospital and has state-of-the-art facilities. On a peak day there are as many as 50 TMTs & 75-80 echoes. The echoes include stress echoes, vascular dopplers, intraoperative TEE and foetal echoes. The department constitutes of 2 divisions:

  1. Catering to the indoor patients
  2. Outpatient Officies of Doctors.

The Non-Invasive Cardiac Laboratory is run senior consultants, Cardiologists who are whole time dedicated to the work in the Non-Invasive Cardiac Laboratory. Besides them the staff includes Registrars & Jr.Consultants practicing non-invasive cardiology and technicians & stenos.
The indoor facility provides for echoes done in the echo room. Echoes are also done on an emergency basis round the clock indoors.